We have been working at the creation of the following project outputs:

  • PublicationBuilding Diagnosis Expert, a new professional profile for building and construction sector in Europe“. – The shared knowledge baseline, the common state-of-the-art about the studied issue. It is a comparative research on up-to-date technological tools/methodologies for building assessments and related professional qualification in the 4 participating Countries.

Diagnosis IO1 Comparative research (ITA-pdf)

Diagnosis IO1 Comparative research (ENG-pdf)

  • Professional Qualifications – Revised or new professional qualifications in building and construction sector for Spain, Italy, UK and Poland.


  • Training Programs – New or updated training programs related to the new professional profile of “Building Diagnosis Expert”. They are meant to be adopted by the participant organizations and to be implemented in courses for the following target groups:

– students in university
– trainees in professional courses (young graduates/chartered surveyors, unemployed)
– employed in building and construction companies either architects, engineers, technicians.

Diagnosis IO3 methodology and syllabus (ENG-pdf)

Diagnosis IO3 methodology and syllabus (PL-pdf)

Diagnosis IO3 methodology and syllabus (ITA-pdf)